The Eagles Poem 

Oh no,no you have not to stop

The flight of yours has made us drop

All the tired deeds and lazy jobs.

and made up us ,say to bad,nope!!

                                                      Now come to fly for whom are you stop.

                                                      Waiting for you are the air  and  coop.

Dont think of worst wind.

which made you an old hind.

forget it all it will never come at all.

think of the hieght you had in past.

                                                         and come to fly its useless to cry.

                                                         go more high, the stage you now fly.

Your strengthfull wing and the wind.

which made your ways wide to win.

Of which i had got inspired.

and tried to have one of that flight.

                                                         come once more  to fly show that gait.

                                                         to see which are, all the people await.

Have you forgotten the people of land.

your each nice lift brings to whom a joy.

there eyes were buring with sun shine.

but  never left the scene of your flight.

                                                           untill you were so high and far.

                                                           but the children yet are your spy.

                                Kalam e Sufi.

    Wasf e Shaheen                                                                                                                                      

 Muhammad (S.A.W) ki ummat kay hay nojawan                 pehchan hamari husne ikhlaq hay

Hum shaheen e iqbal kamar basta hay                                narah hamara Buland perwaz jo hay

Hum Quaid ka khaboon ke tabeer hay                                 iman itehad tanzim hamaray qanoon hay

khaloon he kehloon may hum sekhtay                                   usuloo pay B.P kay paband hay

madad kartay paoo jesay tum kaheen                                   sammaj wo shaheen Gircha ka hay

jesay dayk kay ho khush tayra dil                                           wahee suratay hur Gircha ka hay

                                                                                                                                                                     Kalam e Sufi